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Joint Encryption and Compression of Correlated Sources with Side Information

EURASIP Journal on Information Security20082007:098374

  • Received: 6 March 2007
  • Accepted: 7 November 2007
  • Published:


We propose a joint encryption and compression (JEC) scheme with emphasis on application to video data. The proposed JEC scheme uses the philosophy of distributed source coding with side information to reduce the complexity of the compression process and at the same time uses cryptographic principles to ensure that security is built into the scheme. The joint distributed compression and encryption is achieved using a special class of codes called high-diffusion (HD) codes that were proposed recently in the context of joint error correction and encryption. By using the duality between channel codes and Slepian-Wolf coding, we construct a joint compression and encryption scheme that uses these codes in the diffusion layer. We adapt this cipher to MJPEG2000 with the inclusion of minimal amount of joint processing of video frames at the encoder.


  • Error Correction
  • Minimal Amount
  • Special Class
  • Diffusion Layer
  • Video Frame


Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA


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