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Table 2 UWB PHY parameters

From: ADLU: a novel anomaly detection and location-attribution algorithm for UWB wireless sensor networks

Property Value
PHY option IEEE 802.15.4 UWB PHY
Frequency band Channel {0} with fc = 499.2 MHz and BW = 499.2 MHz
Data rate 0.85 Mbs (mandatory data rate)
Rate-dependent and mean PRF=15.60 MHz, Tdsym = 1, 025.64 ns,
Timing-related parameters Tpsym = 993.6 ns, Nsync = 64 symbols, N sfd  = 8 symbols
Power 36.5 μ W (FCC limit for ≈ 0.5-GHz bandwidth)
Communication range 20 m
DATA packet length 1,038 symbols (+ 64 symbols for SYNC trailer)
Ranging support TW-TOA (mandatory ranging)
Channel access UWB preamble sense based on the SHR of a frame
  (clear channel assessment - CCA Mode 5)